Providing a Full Range of Excavating and Construction Services

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Conley Excavating & Construction is a full-service construction contractor with 24 years of experience providing the highest quality service to industrial, municipal, and commercial clients on projects throughout Northern Illinois.

Providing a Full Range of Excavating and Construction Services

(815) 942-1905

Conley Excavating & Construction is a full-service construction contractor with 24 years of experience providing the highest quality service to industrial, commercial, and municipal clients on projects throughout Northern Illinois.

Serving Industrial, Commercial, and Municipal Clients

We provide a full range of excavating and construction services for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients throughout the northern Illinois region. With our skilled workforce, top of the line equipment, emphasis on safety, and attention to detail, we can make your project a success.

General Contracting

With safety being our number one priority, Conley Excavating & Construction can encompass everything related to your project from excavation, sewer and water, to industrial and commercial concrete work. We can set deadlines and budgets, coordinate with specialty subcontractors, manage employees, and obtain appropriate building materials. We can also manage stakeholder expectations, acquire needed permits, and ensure every part of the project is up to code and meets your expectations.

Concrete Construction

Our highly skilled labor force provides industrial concrete services including but not limited to foundations and supports, flatwork, and concrete restoration. We ensure our work is of the highest quality with an emphasis on safety combined with a timely completion while working diligently to find solutions and overcome any challenges that may arise in an industrial setting.

Vactor Services

Our Vactor 2100 combination truck provides various services not only for our own forces which ensures the safe location of underground utilities but also for other contractors and industrial and municipal clients needing similar services or maintenance such as cleaning basins and manholes. Our truck has the ability to rod up to 600 feet of sewer line and also performs hydro-excavation for a safer excavation alternative.


Utility Services

With miles of pipe successfully installed throughout northern Illinois, we have built a strong reputation with the municipalities and communities in which we work. We have been continually commended for our well-coordinated logistics and clean construction sites. We fully understand the patience required of the community impacted by these projects which is why we make it our goal to maintain a high level of communication with homeowners and respect their property as we do our own.

General Site Excavating

We provide site preparation for commercial and industrial sites including earth excavation, placement, grading, and compacting as well as aggregate installation. Our skilled operators have been trained to pay close attention to detail and use the latest GPS technology to ensure our site work is within the tolerances needed for any project.  We deliver a choice finished product that exceeds your expectations.

Service Repairs

Utility breaks and leaks pop up when least expected. Our various sizes of excavators, trailers, and trucks fully equipped with all necessary tools and safety accessories allow us to quickly mobilize to any repair in short notice to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


We provide demolition services for industrial, commercial, and municipal projects. We work closely with consultants to perform hazardous testing if needed to ensure the construction site is property remediated prior to the commencement of demo operations. Our priority is to make sure all debris is removed appropriately and the site is cleaned thoroughly so there is no remaining evidence of the previously existing structure.

Manhole Restoration

We are well equipped to perform this specialty task. We provide external restoration services, corbel repairs, ring replacements, frame replacements, and seal installation. Additionally, we have the ability to spray internal cementitious coatings.

Directional Boring

Directional Boring or Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a technology for installing conduit, pipeline, telecom, and fiber without the need of digging an open trench. Conley Excavating and Construction has access to the latest in directional boring technology and can install pipeline and conduit up to 6-inch diameter to support water, gas, sewer, electrical, and telecommunications applications.

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Our Recent Projects

REG Cooling Tower

Seneca, IL
With over 600 yards of concrete and 33 tons of rebar, the installation of this cooling tower containment and foundation had provided new challenges with its unique design and layout, which demanded all trades within the Conley team to put forward their best work.

Lockport Water Main

City of Lockport, IL
Installed new water mains and reconstructed residential services to homes in the district in a 4 phase project. This required an extreme level of organization and communication with residents to minimize disruptions and make the project run smoothly for all parties.

J.B. Hunt Site

Chicago, IL
General contractor to successfully develop facility lots. Demolished and recycled concrete paving, foundations and structures. Performed site excavation, soil remediation, and grading. Installed utilities. Coordinated and supervised site paving, landscaping and lighting.

Nouryon Plant Expansion

Morris, IL
Completed all civil work including site excavation and concrete structures for a major chemical manufacturing unit expansion.

Nouryon Storage Building

Morris, IL
Completed site excavation, concrete, and frame construction for a 5,000 sq ft chemical raw material storage building.

Akzo Nobel Site Improvement

Morris, IL
“D Street Project" included removal of all existing concrete paving and installation of a new aggregate base and new 8” PCC paving.

Shorewood Sanitary Force Main

City of Shorewood, IL
Installed 10,00 feet of 16 inch PVC force main which included 650 linear feet of 36 inch casing jack and bored under Interstate 55.

Dwight Water Main Improvements

Village of Dwight, IL
Completed 15,000 feet of water main and storm sewer reconstruction, and miscellaneous concrete replacement items.

Edge Creek Manhole Restoration

City of Joliet, IL
Completely rehabilitated 180 manholes which included frame, lid and external chimney seal installation along with the installation of cementitious lining.

Energy Plant Hydro Excavation

University Park, IL
Hydro excavated 400 linear feet of new electrical conduits in the power plant for Block Electric.

Nouryon MCC Building

Morris, IL
General contractor for all aspects of the installation of a 1,000 sq ft CMU MCC building.

Costco Storage Tank System

Morris, IL
Installed a slide rail system for an underground ammonia storage tank.

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